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Frequently asked questions 

Can I give Slutty Gingerbread to my kids, it seems wrong?

You are correct - our Slutty gingerbread range is aimed at ages 18+.

We want to help keep kids as innocent as we can and so we would advise to go for our bossy ladies or sassy superheroes. That being said, we ran an undercover experiment last Christmas and most kids reacted positively when given SGB. (Don’t tell mumsnet).

What happens in summer - do I have to survive without these fabulous females?

Fear not. Tradition dictates that gingerbread only be around at Christmas, but there’s nothing traditional about our gingerbread. In fact, we have come up with a revolutionary plan for keeping the Gingerbread dream alive all year long.

Our spring, summer and autumn recipes contain less Christmas spice and instead various ginger-based flavour explosions. Expect more of a chewy ginger biscuit after Christmas and special edition flavours thrown in from time to time, such as chocolate gingerbread, ginger toffee-bread, rum or amaretto-gingerbread, Earl grey... Watch this space. YUM.

Hey, I thought we weren’t supposed to use words like ‘bossy’ and ‘sassy’! What kind of feminists are you?!

Well! Basically we decided to found our own new wave of feminism. We don’t believe in forbidden words, in fact as soon as someone tells you not to think of something you really can’t help but think of it, right? So instead, we have decided to claim words that are currently used in a derogatory way, and turn their meaning into an expression our indisputable female superiority. In our fight to recognised as ‘equal’ to men, we are losing sight of the many feminine attributes that actually make us better. Our long term ambition: for all females to be able to act as sassy, bossy, or indeed slutty as they wish. PS. It’s also a lot more fun this way. Who wants to eat Righteous Gingerbread, PC Gingerbread, or Inoffensive Gingerbread, YAWN.  


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